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Laura Hazelett  

Laura Hazelett
Founding Member, Owner

Laura provides Hawks4Hire’s customers with 8 years of raptor training experience and over 5 years of hands-on experience in landfill abatement utilizing raptors, dogs, pyrotechnics/noise methods and mechanical devices.

Laura’s experience in agricultural bird abatement allows her to provide Hawks4Hire an effective quality control system on all phases of program management, from inception to maintenance. Laura has in-depth knowledge and experience customizing abatement programs that ensure the customer a successful and effective bird/animal abatement program.

Laura enjoys flying falcons for sport; and, training her dogs Jacey and Bandit. She also sponsors aspiring falconers. Laura is a founding member of High Plains Falconers, a falconry club based in Colorado. Laura has also served on the board of the Colorado Hawking Club.

You can contact Laura directly at laura@hawks4hire.com


We are proud members of the following organizations: NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association), American Falconry Conservancy, North American Falconers Association.

Arizona Falconers Association, High Plains Falconers.
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