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Landfills and Transfer Stations

Using falconry based bird abatement is the most effective method to reduce and eliminate pest bird problems in your landfills. Hawks4Hire’s abatement specialists will custom design an abatement program to solve your bird problems and, at the same time, reduce your operational cost while increasing employee safety at the jobsite.

We are more effective and efficient in: controlling the spread of disease and bio hazards; protecting the environment at, and around, the site; and, working with airports and local agencies to protect your business from unnecessary complaints and wildlife hazards from adjoining properties.

Our methods are the most effective, and green based, solutions to your problems. Mother Nature has 'hard-wired' all prey species to fly away from predators. There is no other method as effective in solving this problem.

We are proud members of the following organizations: NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association), California Gamehawkers Association, High Plains Falconers.
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