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Our Specialty! Agriculture and Bird Abatement

Hawks4Hire enjoys tremendous results in agriculture with falconry based bird abatement - significantly increasing yield in most cases.

We work with both growers and co-ops, and are able to design geographic programs helping small orchards work together. We also have the ability to cover large operations. Naturally, our programs are time sensitive, knowing that the bird problem has a life cycle during harvest (6-8 weeks on the average).

Our employees are trained professionals who have many years of field experience; their presence is immediately felt in the pest bird world starting day one. Mother nature has 'hard-wired' all prey species to fly away and leave the areas when a predator shows up, and the continuing presence of the falcons discourages return.

We always stress a green method in our approach to bird abatement and have found it to be the most efficient and effective, sometimes other methods may be required, and we are licensed and certified to use pyrotechnics and other mechanical methods.

We are proud members of the following organizations: NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association), California Gamehawkers Association, High Plains Falconers.
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