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Hawks4Hire, LLC knows it’s all about the falcons!

Hawks4Hire provides custom designed falconry based bird abatement programs to address your nuisance bird concerns. One of the more common and popular modern methods of bird abatement is employing falconers to fly trained raptors over agriculture fields, landfills, and airports. When the raptor appears it chases off the offending birds and the prey quickly scatters. Without regular flights several times a day, the offending birds will return, but so long as a raptor's presence is maintained, the problem is largely solved.

Falconry is a natural and sustainable way to prevent major crop damage, disease carried by birds and other animals, and promote safety for aircraft. Let Hawks4Hire show you that falconry based bird abatement in agriculture can help increase your yield by decreasing crop damage and making your operation more profitable. Serving pest filled landfills we can assist you with major health and compliance issues. Patroling airports we can decrease bird related incidents and increase public safety.

Let us design a custom and affordable program for you today!

We are proud members of the following organizations: NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association), California Gamehawkers Association, High Plains Falconers.
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